What the hay bails are you doing in your small business? Why are you still dealing with paper filing? Why would you do that to yourself? Why would you spend that valuable time of yours going through   receipts for hours on end?

Your probable sitting there going; um that’s the only way I know how.

Trust me people your in the stone age if your filing paper and your employee’s hate you! That’s right because they know they could go work at your competitors place and not have the stress of paper crap.

Have you ever herd of Excel? That program it self can help you in so many way’s you never knew.

The reason I bring this up is the fact that there are so many out there making life so difficult on themselves. I’m not going to tell you how you need to run your business, but just remember if your your not keeping with the times you falling behind.


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Tax season is here. Ugh!

This can bee a small business night mare. That’s right the thing that goes bump in the night. The longer you put it off the louder the bump in the night gets.

Stop pulling out your hair waiting to get your taxes done. First of the more time you sit thinking about how you need to do your taxes, and not DOING them is useless crap. Don’t make tax season your tum season. I know the feeling iv’e been there. Stomach all cramped up worried about when I was going to do it and how and if and and and and…….you get the point.

Here is what I do now.

  • Get them done ASAP (as soon as possible) Jan 1st is a good day to try for.
  • Hire a CPA ( usually you get more money back than if you didn’t spend your money with one)
  • Work on my accounting like a baling water out of a sinking canoe.
  • Do my do diligence.
  • Get to know my tax codes let the those tax codes work for you.

I can already here the complaining. I can’t afford a CPA for my taxes. Well first off you can’t not afford to in my opinion.

For all of you naysayer’s. There are ways to do your taxes on your own free no charge. I don’t necessarily recommend this way as it can take your valuable time. But hey why not I know there are those stuck in there beginnings of there businesses and just simple have more time than money. So let me refer you to a few places that will help you do your taxes right and quickly as you can by yourself.

By know if you have been reading in my blog posts you’ve herd of wave apps. So that is where you should have started. Next thing you want to do if find a free easy to use internet based web application to do your taxes. Gone are the days of pushing paper. Gone are the day’s of waiting months for your return. We live in a time where thing’s should be instant.

TurboTax  would be my first recommendation. That’s because of the easy of use and there free. Not to mention there is a huge customer service group to help with your questions. This is where I would get started. Now yes there simple yes there quick, and yes you now feel like a tax genius becouse you have done it all your self.

Bravo!! Pat your self on the back now your an accountant and a CPA. Please though do me a favor and don’t ever do your own taxes again.

This is why.

  • CPA’S are good at what they do…. yes better than turbo tax
  • you’ll make more money than you spend on them
  • you’ll spend zero time on your taxes (talk about stress free)
  • You have a business to run

These are my thoughts, let the pro’s do what they do so you can do what you do.

Trust me you’ll thank me later hope this helps.

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OK so we know it’s a challenge to accept the good old plastic. There is always the middle man taking some of the dough. Frustrating, maybe but it is nice to be able to do it.

I’ve decided that it’s just the cost of doing business. We can always look for the cheapest way to do things.


What’s that mean? Well there are things that just plan slow you down in business. You need to stop chasing pinnies when you could be hunting dollars. What I mean by that is it there is a so call cheaper way to do thing’s that great but if it takes too much of you time up you loosing on the true profit end and that’s customer service. So get out there an start hunting elephants people.


We have talked about wave apps before there not bad as far as making it easy to use. Actually there the easiest iv’e found. Cheap…..NO. .30 cents per transaction and 2.75%. It’s OK but not great. What I do like though is the fact that you don’t have to try to keep track of the expenses they take care of that. When you accept a card they take there cut and but it in the expense category for you. You see there an accounting app but also accept cards it’s pretty awesome. Then they take your payment and but into the profit margin.

 How Does This Help Me

Well by taking care of your accounting and collecting money. You can be worried about collecting more money. Time saved is time well spend in my books. They also take care of your expenses and will sync with your bank account. This is Huge!! Huge!!! By doing this it’s all organised for you and you only have to click to look and show your accountant. Your CPA will love you.

Other Options

If you guys know of or find something better than this for free. Please i’m asking you now to let me know about it. It’s not always easy to give away all our secrets but it’s best to share. We have been in your position and we we’er so grateful for all the help we could get. We hope you only feel the same, and if this stuff is old news to you well we’er sorry it’s not interesting to you but believe me there are those out there looking for this help.

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Have you heard of it? If you haven’t heard of wave apps by now we think you should look into it. Wave apps started as a simple spreed sheet for keeping track of your accounting needs. It really worked great for what it was. If you stayed plugged in all year you could really help out your accountant at the end of the year. It basically helped you reduce the stress of trying to remember all your spending’s and earnings come tax season. We have defiantly used it in the past but around 2012 we stopped using it. The reason we stopped was there was other forms “easier” ways to keep track like the google spreed share sheets. A little clunky but worked well for us.


Recently we rediscovered wave apps. Man we’er we shocked. We just kinda happened upon it about a month a go. While reading a post on Facebook someone recommended it for small businesses and that was the only thing they used for there whole business I was curious by what they meant I mean I have already used wave apps. So I went and checked it out. Here’s what I found.

My Findings

  • Of course they still had the accounting side. But WOW! they updated it big time you could just sync your bank statements from your business back and you no longer need to add receipts on your own….. HUGE for my love that aspect.
  • Track your Income by accepting credit cards right there. Once funds are transferred it’s all plugged into the system for you…… ALSO HUGE. No more trying to figure out whats going out and whats coming in it’s done in real time.
  • Payroll ha couldn’t believe this yep automatic payroll. I think it would also be easier if your employees are on salary then you could just set it up ,and forget it.
  • Transactions made easy reports also AMAZING.

Here’s what I Think You Should Do.

Ultimately it’s your business. It’s your decision that makes or breaks you. Here’s the deal thought you really need to automate your business. Why? Simple you need to start focusing on the big stuff a leave that little stuff alone. Spending too much time on receipts filing and accounting will take away way too much time from your money making activities, and that’s not good. Find a way to do less so you can do more. If you know what I mean. We really hope this helps you and remember where here for your success. HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES SUCCEEDED THEVARSITYLA.COM

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In the trenches.

So at the varsity we have been trying to pinpoint who exactly has the perfect payment system. Is It the all knowing Pay pal?…. We don’t think so. A lot of these payment platforms are expensive. In a small business situation you can’t be afraid to spend some bucks; but are they user friendly? Now there is the key.

This is what we looked at:

  • Price
  • user friendly
  • grow or shrink with you
  • trust flow
  • are they relevant
  • necessary

Here’s what we found

  1. Pay Pal: Great for recognition. Customer trust is important and they do have that. Price…… Holy Crap there expensive; there extremely proud of there product. This should not detour you from there services though because as for as ease of use goes there probably at the top or right there in the top 5.
  2. Stripe: I would defiantly say there in the up and coming category. Price fair, user friendly hmm so-so to not so great. But with some learning it actually not to bad. Trust Good and there sync able with trusting invoice tools like wave apps.
  3. Apple Pay: OK so we have a huge problem with this. First of all there is only a select group that trust, use, or like apple products. So you forcing the had of the customer to use something they might not like. Secondly it’s a bit weird how there is no option for a printed receipt. Flawed!!
  4. Google wallet: Better than apple pay yet not enough recognition.
  5. Android pay: Same issues seen with this platform as we see with Apple Pay. Your forcing the hand of a costumer.
  6. Visa,Master Card: There are a few concepts coming out with the Visa card and Master yet there so new we can’t tell what there going to be like, but we should watch these as they have been in the business for quit some time
  7. Chip implants: Please lets not go there!!

So all in all you got 2 options in our book. Paypal or Stripe. It’s your business look around maybe we missed something but these were our choices.


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